Team Sets :: Gez Gear Elite Gel Packs (sleeves sold separately)

Gez Gear Elite Team Series is a complete system designed specifically for sports teams, Athletic Trainers, and Physical Therapists, that provides pinpointed heat and ice compression.
Gez Gear Elite Gel Packs HEAT + ICE to focus directly on the spot that needs it rather than the entire limb
Assorted sizes designed to perfectly complement Gez Gear Elite Compression Sleeves
Thin (only 6-10 mm thick) and come in an assortment of sizes
Stay soft when frozen and stay cold for up to 45 minutes (depending on size)
Heat in the the microwave quickly and stay warm for up to 45 min. (depending on size)
Insulating property of Gez Gear Elite neoprene focuses heat and cold on the affected area so that it doesn't escape
Safe, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic gel material