About Us

Hi, my name is Darby Ransom.  I began development of Gez Gear HEAT + COMPRESSION + ICE system in 2010.  After competing in several international triathlons in the late 90s, I was sidelined for years with chronic shin splints. Gez Gear is the result of over five years of research on and development of a solution that would get me back running again which included working closely with other athletes and Orthopedic Surgeons. During the past two years while tweaking and dialing in our system, I have completed five international half and full marathons and 2000+ miles running with zero recurrence of those formerly debilitating shin splints.

The name, "Gez" is short for the word "Gezellig" which is Dutch for "good feeling." In 2015 we completed the patenting and trademarking processes and are finally releasing Gez Gear to the public.

We use only the most durable, safest, and highest performance materials in Gez Gear.  We go to extraordinary lengths to deliver world-class product and service so that you can go further faster.