Gez Gear Elite Hip Sleeve - Team Set of 10 Sleeves

$ 260.00
  • High compression insulating neoprene hip compression sleeve
    • Focuses heat and cold where it is needed
    • Compresses the hip to add support and comfort
    • Fits either right or left hip
  • Coated inside and out with soft, 4-way stretch velcro loop fabric for infinite adjustability
  • Snag-free Velcro hook closures
  • Compatible with the following Climate Gel Packs (sold separately)
    • GP1010 (fits up to 6 per sleeve)
    • GP1020 (fits up to 3 per sleeve)
    • GP2030 (fits 1 per sleeve)
  • One size fits most
  • Team pack of 10 Hip Compression sleeves