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XDS Boss 4.0 2021



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The new XDS Boss 3.0 is designed for recreational riders who need it for 1 purpose – general fitness.

It’s a great bike to take out on family bike rides on bike paths and rail trails. But it’s equally capable on easy off-road trails and fire access roads.

The larger diameter 29-inch wheels cover distance efficiently. More distance covered for less work. This makes it perfect for those who are not riders but still want a bike that can pull off long distance rides comfortably and efficiently.


XDS are an engineering company. They are really bad at marketing, sales and any form of advertising. It’s just not their speciality.

But making some of the best bikes in the world definitely is.

So with that in mind, the Boss range uses the best aluminium frames under $1,000 – without a sliver of doubt. In fact, it’s better than most aluminum frames north of $1K too.


Firstly, XDS use their premium X6 aluminium blend. It’s strong.

Then, they use a frame forming technique called triple-butting. This uses advanced FEA analysis to determine the size and distribution of the forces on the frame.

Then they shave material off where the forces are low. And add material where the forces are high.

What this does is create a frame that is low in weight and high in strength.


The bike turns your power into forward motion – more efficiently. All this equals less work.

Nice frame touches like internal cable routing keep the cables hidden. This ensures that they are not exposed to dirt, grit, mud and the elements.

tapered head tube is another high-end frame feature we rarely see under $1,500. The point? It improves frame stiffness and bike handling.

For those that like a kickstand, there’s a neat mounting position on the rear non-drive side. This is where direct mount kickstands simply bolt-on. It looks clean and tidy, and doesn’t scratch the frame.


Starting at the front, the Suntour XCT suspension fork is reliable and performs well. It’s got a lockout lever positioned on top of the fork. This lockout lever allows riders to switch the suspension from being soft to hard.

As an example, if you’re riding on concrete bike paths and rail trails then then the suspension can be set to hard. This ensures all the power going into the bike is efficiently transferred into forward motion. Or, less effort to go further.

A complete Shimano gear system delivers smooth, precise gear changes.There are 2 gears on the front and 8 gears on the back, delivering a total of 16 gears. The gears are changed via a trigger shifter for faster gear shifts.

Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear generate more stopping power than mechanical disc brake and V-brakes. Not only that but they also deliver more control. This means you can slow down without skidding and losing traction – especially in wet conditions.

All Boss models rely on 29-inch wheels and tyres suitable for all-terrain use. This means the XDS Boss 4 is extremely versatile; it can be ridden on bike paths, rail trails, dirt and gravel tracks.

Both wheels use a quick-release axle so it’s super easy to take the wheels off for transportation or fast puncture repairs.

Additional information

Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 88 × 88 × 88 cm

XDS Alloy, 31.8mm, 680mm wide


XDS Alloy, 70mm


XDS Alloy, 27.2mm


XDS Mountain


Tektro M275 hydraulic disc, 160mm discs


Shimano HG318, 11T-32T, 8-speed




14G Steel, brass nipples


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